Photography by Jon Michael

Photography by Jon Michael Love is specifically
for professional or upcoming models who effectively want their image to get them high dollar work in the exciting world of fashion or acting, in an efficient time span by having a portfolio that works!

Every girl who has dreamed of walking down the runways of Paris or Milan or having their face grace the cover of Vogue Magazine can possibly have their dream come true by having a portfolio of images that quickly paint a picture of her strengths as a model or actress. All this is done through the expertise and advise of Jon Michael Love.

Photographer Jon Michael will personally direct your photo shoot in every aspect from posing
to wardrobe and styling. Through his ingenious knowledge of lighting and angles, he will create images unlike you have ever seen of yourself.

As a makeup artist, he is equaled by few, as
proof in viewing his work. He can make you
look breathtakingly beautiful! Because Jon
Michael is a makeup artist, he has the skill of reading and analyzing skin tones, an important aspect in creating your perfect look. Therefore,
he will pick out the perfect shade of color for y
our hair to accentuate your overall appeal, which in turn will make your skin tone look incredible.

And finally, the sculpting of your hair by Jon Michael will allow your face to be framed perfectly while ensuring variety for different "looks". Now every aspect of your "captured image " is complete.

You are a star! Let's make you shine even brighter! Contact Jon Michael Love today.

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