Jon Michael Love - Biography

Jon Michael Love is an award winning hairstylist and makeup artist and published photographer. Prior to becoming a photographer he created stunning transformations involving hairstyling, hair color and makeup application. In the fashion world, his talents are rare indeed, being able to professionally master all three major components for photo shoots.

His involvement initially started in his own hairstyling studio. He then teamed up with various well known photographers on location, as well as helping models with their hair and makeup at international fashion shows.

Soon he evolved as a photographer as well. In just a short time his highly praised work began being published and has since been published numerous times.

Jon Michael's involvement is now focused on helping dreams come true by creating stunning portfolios. He has the professional experience to help models of all ages and stages; the established professional model who wants to simply update and refresh her current portfolio or the eager young lady who has never modeled before but would love to give it a try.

Aided by his vast knowledge of the fashion industry, Jon Michael can help his clients develop and capture their best look so they can take their career to a higher level.

There are very few people in the industry who have mastered the three important areas of a photo shoot; hair, makeup and photography. Jon Michael is proud to be one of these few.

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